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The Insanity Comp Surf Leash has a slim and water repellent cuff, hardly noticeable, for the highest wearing comfort. The 25mm thin surfboard rail saver is also water resistant, keeping the Insanity Surf Leash lightweight throughout. The recycled WAVEPATROL branded string not only looks nice, but is also extremely tear resistant and provides added protection to the Surfboard Rail. For the rope we use an extremely durable and tear resistant polyurethane. The non-slip cuff prevents unwanted rotation on the skin.

The Surf Leash Insanity Comp is made of incomparably robust, comfortable and water-repellent materials. Durably lightweight and barely noticeable, for the ultimate in comfort. The thin rope reduces drag and thus allows maximum performance.


Sales Tax Included
  • ▸ Cuff: L 42 x H 4,5 cm
    ▸ Rail-Saver: H 2,5 cm
    ▸ Rope: Ø 5 mm 
    ▸ Weight:  approx. 165 g

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