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This surfboard tail grip pad has been designed in it’s best functional way with a timeless and minimalistic fashion approach.


The Flash Tail Pad Pro has a striped designed surface for secure foot positioning between the high and low points. Both the centre arch and the 50°, 30 mm power tail kick of the Flash Pro offer a secure lock into a set position and provide maximum control over your surfboard for sick maneuvers. The featured bevelled corners help you to reduce the drag on the tail edge of the surfboard.

Being separated into 2 main pieces  this surfboard traction pad design of the Flash Tail Pad Pro allows you to adjust for a range of designs and widths.


Sales Tax Included
  • ▸ Dimensions: L 320 x B 315 mm
    ▸ Color: black
    ▸ Pieces: 2
    ▸ Grip: tilted square
    ▸ Kick: 50° / 30 mm high
    ▸ Arch: 7mm medium center arch
    ▸ Foam: Premium EVA Foam – 100% recycled ♻

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