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BEST FRIENDS FOREVER - Our Choice for Female Surfers!


Designed as part of our Ladies Choice series, the BFF is specially crafted for female surfers who want to shred the waves with style and skill.


Inspired by the OCEAN STYLE model, the BFF features a similar classic performance shortboard outline, rocker, and three-fin setup. However, it's tailored specifically for female surfers, with a narrower and thinner profile to enhance playfulness and maneuverability. Never worry anymore about too much foam - we've trimmed down the volume to better suit the needs of lightweight surfers. This means you can confidently ride the BFF slightly larger compared to other boards without losing control or struggling to slow down.


The slightly longer board, combined with the nose rocker, ensures stability and control in steeper sections. From now on, you'll ride with confidence and finesse even in the biggest wave.


If you've struggled to find the perfect board that truly caters to your needs as a female novice to advanced surfer, look no further than the BFF .


Sales Tax Included
  • 5'4 - 18 3/8 - 2
    5'2 - 18 1/8 - 2
    5'0 - 17 7/8 - 2

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