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TWO BOARDS FOR ONE PRICE - Make your surf session the happiest hour of the day.


While one-board quivers are becoming more common in the ocean, we're venturing into new territory on rivers and artificial waves. So far, there have been significant differences between (semi-)natural rivers and the usually more powerful rapid waves. With our 241 HAPPY HOUR, we aim to bridge that gap. Having only one board saves you time adjusting and leaves you with extra money for the after-hours, cheers.


The 241 HAPPY HOUR combines a groveler outline with sufficient surface area and lift, a medium-flat rocker, and a slightly wider squash tail for plenty of speed. With the stylish retro step-deck, we achieve sharp rails for more radical turns on steep waves, while providing extra volume for slower or bumpier rivers. A standout feature is its versatility in fin selection: With its standard 5-fin option, the board can be surfed as a thruster or 2+1 setup, as well as a quad for even more speed.


The 241 HAPPY HOUR is the optimal choice if you want to have fun on different waves or you are just looking for a versatile alternative to your performance shortboard.


Sales Tax Included
  • 5'5 - 19 3/8 - 2 1/8
    5'3 - 19 1/8 - 2 1/8
    5'1 - 18 3/4 - 2 1/16

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